Transformations of Hollywood Elite – Then and Now

The actors who began their careers when they were just little, since those times have been in the spotlight and with each role we can witness their transformations.

And some of the transformations may even shock you.

Daniel Radcliffe Then and Now

When this kid was 11, he was picked among thousands of others to be the main hero in one of the most expensive franchises. The role of Harry Potter will be Daniel Radcliffe most famous one. The actor understands it so he tries to break away from this image playing multiple roles in The Woman in Black, Horns, Imperium and Swiss Army Man.

Josh Peck Transformations

This adorable little guy first showed up at the beginning of 2000s on The Amanda Show and Max Keeble’s Big Move. Then he had one of the main roles on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh. The fans of the series could see Josh losing weight during the past few years which resulted in turning into a pretty handsome young man.

Ariel Winter Before and After

Ariel Winter started her career at age 6 in a Cool Whip commercial, then she had several appearances in a variety of shows before she got the role of Alex in the series Modern Family which changed her life. We could see Ariel grow up from a cute little nerdy girl into a gorgeous beautiful woman.

Look At Dakota Fanning Now

The first movie debut for the little actress was at age 6 and soon after that she made an appearance on the TV series Friends and even went on to the big screen to star alongside with Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. Having matured, Dakota Fanning became one of the most popular actresses of Hollywood and played in the Twilight Saga. Her little sister Elle followed her in her footsteps and is now a successful actress.

Emma Watson: From This to That

This is the first red carpet for Emma Watson. The little nerd’s fame from the Harry Potter’s trio was growing with each year and we could witness Hermione Granger evolve into a Hollywood fashion beauty. In 2009 Emma signed a contract with Burberry Fashion House which gave her a 6-digit sum of money and in 2014 she was awarded Best British Style, having outrun Kate Moss. Now British star successfully continues her career – recently she received the main role in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

Alexa Vega All Grown Up

Remember that girl from the Spy Kids movies? She was in all the 4 films of the series and also starred on several TV shows. So, now she looks like this. Alexa Vega does small roles and basically she is cast as a hot babe. She could be seen in “Machete Kills” by Robert Rodriguez and on the TV show “The Tomorrow People”.

Demi Lovato Transformed

You’re unlikely to recognize this gal. It’s no one else but Demi Lovato. In 2002 when she was 7, she began her career in Barney & Friends TV series, but she got really famous in 2007 when she starred in the Disney Channel television films Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. In 2008 she started her music career and released an album which sold over 500,000 copies in the States. Demi had her ups and downs, but today she’s at the peak of her career.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Kid to Cool

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gained fame in 1996 after playing Tommy Solomon in the TV series “3rd Rock from the Sun”. Apart from that you could see him in Roseanne and Family Ties. Today Joseph is one of the most talented and popular actors.

Look at Ariana Grande Now

Having begun her career in the Broadway musical in 2008, Ariana Grande landed on Nickelodeon in 2010. Already in 2013 she released her first solo album, and then the second one which took top positions on music charts. By now she’s guest-starred on Scream Queens TV series and is known for her diva-like behaviour.

Matthew Lewis Turned Out Hot

There’s a doubt anyone could have thought that the nerd from Harry Potter would grow up to be an object of adoration for a lot of girls. Even J.K. Rowling was surprised to see the transformation Matthew Lewis had. The actor starred in all the 8 movies of the wizard series and now busy working on TV and at the theatre.