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Nad’s Reveals The Specifics Associated with Downstairs Self Care

The Brazilian or full bush? Manzilian or just manscaping? To celebrate the next sequel of Sex and The City, Downstairs Hair Removal researched the most current fashion in Australia’s ‘below the belt’ self care routines.

So, if you’re preparing to head to the bright lights of the town and snag one self a little bit of fun, you probably won’t face any hairy predicaments along the way.

The jury is out, the bulk of fellas prefer the Brazilian (hairfree) with regards to girl’s ‘downstairs’ self care. In fact, some blokes even mentioned hair down there as a ‘turnoff’. However, modern ladies are not giving into the wants of guys; the most popular self care choice for females is a ‘neatly groomed area’.

Contrary to recent rumours that ‘the bush is back’, 85per cent of women choose to groom their ‘downstairs area’. Of these women, the majority are choosing for ‘at home’ solutions to hair removal.

Downstairs Self Care – Cut The Winter Growth

And if you think Australian females are using wintry weather as an excuse to “let the grass grow”, you’d be wrong. Over 60% of women ensure their groomed all year round, most sighting partners or ‘unexpected relations’ as the cause for their particular yearlong regime.

Ladies are choosing for laser treatments in droves, in fact when asked if they’d lazer downstairs and go hair free forever, 60% of ladies jumped at the idea of not ever having to groom their downstairs area again.

Interestingly guys are shying away from the down below the belt afro too. Downstairs self care is also the norm for blokes these days, with 64% of males choosing to primp their area.

So why is it that blokes are turning to manscaping, well it’s not the obvious choice of bigger looking parts that tops the list. The males chose the reality that “sex feels better” as the best reason for grooming.

However, the females of Australia will be content to find out a partner’s likes and dislikes rates a near second in the thinking guiding self care decisions. 1 manzilian master states “if I expect ladies to do it, then I need to”.

But while men are all for deforestation downstairs self care, you can’t expect to see them chatting hair styles at the pub. 72per-cent of blokes will not talk about downstairs self care with their mates – ala Sex and the City.

And for males looking at impress the girls, it’s time to ditch the gorilla suit. Over 1 / 2 of the females of Australia positioned a hairy man as a turnoff with back hair as the biggest male turnoff (over 60%) surprisingly followed by torso hair, with bottom hair emerging in at 3rd.

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Disclaimer: Although this is not medical advice, if you have any medical questions on laser hair removal then you should consult a doctor. (Updated 7th November 2017)