Losing Weight With Aldi Slim and Trim Diet Shakes and Bars

2018 has started off with a bang as more and more people search for ways of losing weight with Aldi slim and trim meal replacement protein shakes and protein bars.

My wife and I have been replacing meals with shakes for weeks now and have enjoyed many benefits including:

Weight Loss
Sharper and Clearer Thinking
Better Skin
Less Bloating

Before I get into my weight loss so far let me help you by answering some of your most common questions about the shakes and bars.

Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes and Bars

Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes and Bars

Aldi Meal Replacement Shakes Price

The cost of shakes are $1.99. It is the same for the protein bars as well. Now I have a shake around 6am and a slim and trim protein bar around 10am. I then have my second shake at 2pm. I started off having just two shakes but found myself thinking about food around 3pm so I included an early shake then the protein bar.

This equates to $6 per day of $42 per week for breakfast, lunch and a snack on the Aldi slim and trim meal replacement protein shakes.

Compare this price to the Tony Ferguson shakes. They cost $3.49 for one meal replacement shake and $3.99 for a protein bar. This works out to $11 a day if you were to have two shakes and a bar. Nearly double to cost of Aldi shakes.

Aldi Weight Loss Shake Reviews

We all look for reviews when looking to buy something. Other peoples opinions and experiences help us make an informed decision on whether to buy.

I visited ProductReview.com.au and there was one recurring theme through most of the reviews and that is that the sugar content of the Aldi shakes was high. (I speak about this further down)

Every review, good or bad, said they tasted great. Taste is never an issue but some people had an issue with the high sugar content. One lady asked why they do not sell a quantity of fourteen so you can buy a week’s worth and another lady wanted to know why there were not more flavours even though she was happy with the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and coffee available now.

Next I went to Canstarblue.com.au. Aldi shakes ranked second out of eight competitors in terms of cost, taste, effectiveness and more.

Slim and Trim Shake Flavours

Aldi shakes come in four flavours:


I like all 4 of them. When made to instructions they are tasty, thick and filling. Perfect for those of us wanting to shed some weight like me losing 3kg in 10 days.