2Sad1Mad Diet or Two Shakes A Day and One Meal A Day

Not another diet. How many is that now? 30-40 different types of diet that people are promoting? Well here is another one but the difference is this one actually works. Or at least it has for my wife and I. We call it the 2sad1mad diet. Now I understand that dieting does sometimes make you sad and mad so the acronym possibly is not ideal but it is results we want, not a cute sounding name.

Sounds Like A Starvation Diet To Me

Let’s clear something up. You are sitting at home right now. No doubt your pantry is full and your fridge is stocked. I firmly believe that you, or anyone else raised in a Western country, have no idea what it is like to be “starving”. Children living in the slums of India are starving. We have never starved.

Lose the mentality of “I can’t do this, I will starve” or stay fat. Your choice.

What Is The 2Sad1Mad Diet?

Simple really. 2sad1mad is 2 shakes a day and 1 meal a day. That’s it in it’s entirety. No pills, weighing food, nothing. Just have 2 drinks for breakfast and lunch and have dinner as normal.

2Sad1Mad Diet Success Stories

If you are looking for some 2sad1mad before and after photos then sorry, we have not taken any yet. It is way to early for that. We only started this diet 5 days ago and the weight loss so far would not be noticeable in pictures.

My wife has lost 1.9kg in 5 days and I have lost 1.7kg in 5 days. Because we wanted to chronicle this diet from the beginning, we are putting this here so others can see our journey from the start.

Will 2Sad1Mad Diet Work For Me?

Of course it will. 2sad1mad diet applies the same principle as every other diet that has ever been around. All diets use this principle. What is it?

Calorie Restriction

That’s it. Plain and simple. Every diet you have heard of relies on you cutting back the amount of daily calories that you have normally eaten over the years.

ATTENTION: You do not have to change any foods, just don’t eat as much of them. Let me remind you of the school teacher who ate nothing but McDonalds for 6 months and lost 56 pounds. (You can read the story here)

The secret was that he only ate 2,000 calories worth of McDonalds every day. He restricted the amount of calories he usually ate.

On the 2sad1mad diet the 2 shakes a day I have are around 200 calories each. Throw in Dinner at around 1,200 calories and we have a total of roughly 1600 calories day.

Anyone, including you, will lose weight on under 2000 calories a day. You simply have to trust the process and don’t get discouraged when the scales don’t move.

What Shakes Do You Have on The 2Sad1Mad Diet?

This is the interesting part because as my wife and I researched this eating plan we came up with entirely different brands of shakes to drink.

She chose hers because it was rated #2 in a list of shakes on a popular review site while I opted for the shake with the least sugar, or carb, component.

Another interesting fact is that she chose a “meal replacement shakes for weight loss” while I opted for a straight protein drink.

Her Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss

Aldi Meal Replacement Shake

Aldi Meal Replacement Shake

My wife uses the Slim and Trim weight loss shakes from Aldi. You can buy these sachets individually for around $2 each. There are four flavours, chocolate, vanilla, coffee and strawberry. She buys 2 weeks worth at a time, for convenience sake, and uses all 4 flavours.

These shakes are part of the complete Aldi slim and trim diet plan. You can also buy slim and trim bars but she doesn’t. As stated before they are second best rated meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

Nutritional Info For Aldi Slim and Trim

Below is a graphic showing the nutritional value of the Aldi Slim and Trim meal replacement shakes. As you can see the sugar content is quite high (23.4 grams). What is conflicting is that this info comes from an article titled “Shakes and Sugar: Why they don’t go together”, yet wifey has lost nearly 2 kilos on 4 days using these shakes. Go figure.

2sad1mad diet uses Aldi Slim and Trim Meal Replacement Shakes

Aldi Slim and Trim Shakes Nutritional Info

Meal Replacement Shake For Him

I used Atkins low carb protein shake mix. Why? Next to no sugar. As the graph below shows there are only 3.1 grams of sugar per serve. I buy mine from Coles but you can get it from Woolies or Chemist Warehouse. They cost $22 for 10 serves or $2.20 per serve so comparable to the Aldi shakes she uses.

2sad1mad Atkins Protein Shake Nutritional Info

Atkins Protein Shake Nutritional Info

Once again the Atkins shake is a part of the total Atkins diet plan but I only use the shake powder, not the bars etc.

When Do You Have The Shakes

I understand we are all different with varying needs. My sweet spot, and wifeys for that matter, is to have one around 10am and the other around 2pm. These times seem ideal for us as we both feel sluggish and bloated in the morning and just do not want one then.

I try to stretch my second shake out closer to 3pm as it is then that most of us start feeling peckish.

I mix mine with a combination of milk and water and it totals around 500mls per drink. My shakes mix really well just by using a hand shaker. All the powder dissolves beautifully and my wife reports the same with the Aldi Slim and Trim powder.

What Do You Have For Dinner On The 2Sad1Mad Diet

Whatever you want. Simple. This is what I would call a “Non Denying Diet”. We do not deny ourselves anything. We simply eat smaller portions of it.

Our staple meal though will be a type of meat with salad or vegetables. Because we want this meal to be around the 1200 calorie mark we really load up on the veggies.

We have a vast range of veggies we buy every third day so we get all the anti oxidants we might be missing out on with the two shakes.

When shopping for your fruit and vegetables always try to pick as many different coloured veggies as you can. That way you know you are getting all the ant oxidants your body needs.

We also have dinner earlier than most. Usually we are eating at 5-30 to 6:00. We want it over with well before bed time. (Although Wifey sneaks in a small tub of yoghurt round 8pm)

What Does The 2Sad1Mad Diet Cost

This really is a low cost diet. The shakes cost $2 each from Aldi or $22 for the Atkins shake which equates to $2.20 per serve for a total of $4 a day for 2 shakes or $28 per week. Compare that cost to what you would pay for Breakfast and Lunch for a week. No brainer huh?

I am going to be updating this weigh loss journey weekly so keep coming back to see the visual benefits of the 2Sad1Mad diet.

If you have any questions please contact us for help and advice.